• 2007-09-24

    A few scripts on the go



    I'm attempting to write and contemplating writing a couple of screenplays(Teleplays).I suddenly find screenwriting a good way to hone my writing skills and enliven my imagination.

    The screenplay on the go(about 5 or 6 scenes finished) is inspired by a book,a New york Times bestseller actually ,and I'm not gonna name it  in case some writer out there is tipped off and starts working on it.Yeah,seriously.

    The Teleplay I'm thinking about writing is actually intended for a feature picture originally,but after watching an episode of CSI,I find it more appropriate to adapt it into a teleplay,for shows like CSI,Justice,etc. And it is inspired by a special about a bear taming family  in Utah hosted by Jenifer Aniston.

    I'm going to post a few scenes of the screenplay once I finish it.Sorry I can't post the whole thing, for copyright purposes.Haha.

    And I'm glad to hear from any guy out there who is also interested in screenwriting.Get in contact with me and we shall have a wonderful time talking about this trade.