• 2007-12-14

    heartily concurring...



    I am now reading back-to-back oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis("crash","million dollar baby","letters from Iwo Jima")'s latest screenplay "in the valley of Elah".

    And somewhere near the middle of the screenplay one female character(the leading actress actually) Sanders says this to his boss with which I find myself heartily concurring,



    And the way I see it, it's the
    oddballs and misfits who go on to do
    interesting things with their lives.
    How many former high school
    quarterbacks do we roll into the
    drunk tank every Saturday night? A
    little misery in school is a good

    " unquote.

    She could have been talking about me.ODDBALLS,MISFITS... You know what?I'm quite comfortable with this when I was in college, saving me a lot of time which I could put to better use.Still, glad to know someone thinks social outcasts could even be more useful in their lives.The fact that Honorable Mr Paul Haggis comes up with this notion makes it feel even better.Couldn't help wondering if Mr Haggis was a glaring oddball himself when he was young? But see how extraordinary a personage he is right now!