• 2008-02-25

    Owen,be happy!



    I never thought a guy like Owen Wilson would ever,even in movies,try to kill himself...

    The sparkling fun in his eyes  just never fails to connect with the audience through the big screen,denoting a lovingly cheeky,ever-happy-go-lucky personality he must boast.

    But must him? Not really,it seems.Not long after he did the comedy movie "the darjeeling limited",he committed suicide in his apartment last August.According to friends close to him,his will to terminate his life came very strong- he slitted his wrist,he devoured a lot of pills...just to make double sure...and "he almost made it".

    Well,I just got to know this when I browsed the entertainment news today and stumbled upon a piece that started with "since Owen Wilson's August suicide attempt last year...".Still reeling to orient myself.I mean,Owen Wilson,of all people?

    Frankly at first I was not particularly fond of this guy.Paired with Jackie Chan in so many dumb Kung-fu comedies,he looked like a shallow,slick, and somewhat clownish lightweight actor who never took himself seriously.He acts like this cuz he barely knows much better,goes my too-ready assumption.

    Then this day I chanced upon a wonderful screenplay entitled "The Royal Tenenbaums ",which I find to be one of the best written scripts of family genre and solidly one of my very favorite scripts.And I was surprised to find out later that the auther is none other than Wilson himself(with his long-time pal Wes Anderson,who did a good couple of marvelous projects together still later on,the least of which is the witty "the darjeeling limited" mentioned earlier).From that point on,I start to view this guy a bit differently.At least, those biased assumptions about him were discarded.

    Now I almost admired him,eying him as one of my kindred spirits,if I shall be so bold.Yeah,his suicide attempt radically changed my views of him.I now sees him in a whole new light.He is no longer that trying-to-be-funny guy eternally flashing his tongue-on-cheek humor,and... his foolishness.He is a more"human" guy,more concrete person,the true being that you could relate to and sympathize with.And I do feel him.I understand how much pain must have crushed his heart at that critical moment he raised the razor,how hopeless he must have felt then...And I do appreciate him,never thinking to trade dignity with mind-numbing fame and extraordinary life he has built(at least he didn't let it stop him from trying in the first place)

    I wish you well,Owen, and I wish you happy...