• 2005-12-27

    Go ask Alice


    The following is an enquiry  mail sent to Alice with Columbia University regarding someone' sex life with his gal.

    check the status contantly at http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/ .

    Dear Alice; 
      It's      and I'm in my early 20s.I've been dating a gal for a year,everything went well,I mean,sex life excluded.And I have this kinda GROSS penchant for sexual fantasies.Whenever I SURF the internet,I LIKE visiting those porn websites and then masturbate before one or two really sexually "arounsing " pictures.While doing so,I try to picture myself in the scence having that featured intercourse,which make the whole experience all the more thrilling.For a long stretch of time I SORTA fulfil myself this way.partly because of this fetish,partly due to the fact that my gal seems not so interested in sex life.Every time We have sex,if any,It is me who try to arouse her or "seduce" her if you will,and then when I ask her to perform Oral sex on me(another fantasy for me),she give this "oh,come on,it smells" kind of expression and then did it very reluctantly if she had to.
     My questions go like this:What's the problem?Is she frigid?or it's just me?how can I just improve and harmonize our sexual life?And Does my pervertion have any bearing on our sexual bahavior?What am I GOING TO DO TO TEMPER IT?
      Thanks for your time.