• 2006-02-05

    stumble across a brilliant site


    Hey,guys,the other day when I search the internet for anything about some wierd indian soap opera featuring this retard named "Nilaji"(By the by,it's a pretty funny series;The actor portraying the said retard did an amazing job),somehow I just stumbled  across this really cool english-study site.Actually it's not a site dedicated specifically to the "grand" cause of English learning& Instruction,technically I mean,but the weblog of some American gal who teaches english here in China.She seems to be one of those sensitive souls,and is really into logging or chronicling her private goings-on on the daily basis!Those among the most trival are recorded with ardor and precision worthy of professional undertaking.Here is the gal,you may say,who take her life's details really really seriously.But her detailed,sometimes even frivolous delineation nonetheless makes for perfect window on Firsthand  modern English(American,that is),providing nourishing fodder for me to chew on and draw due nutrients.

    All in all,I feel grateful to be able to gain the access to such a brilliant site,may god continue blessing me,and bless me more and more!

    Oh yeah,you may check out the site throught the following URL:




  • sure will check out B's site,another delight to be enjoyed.can't wait.

    As to my blogging in engish,yes,I'm practicing my written english,but it's not all.My hoping to arouse other chinese folks' interest in English is the other.

    Thank you for visiting and posting your words.I do so appreciate you.
  • Well, thank you very much! I've very flattered by what you've written and astonished that anyone reads my blog at all! I've also sent the link to your page to my friend B of ROX fame. He is at b.rox.com, and you can read about his life in New Orleans after his house was flooded by Hurricane Katrina. Did you check out rox.com too? Could you watch the videos online?

    Why do you blog in English? To practice? Which city are you in?