• 2008-04-19

    The (+ or -)power of Patriotism 爱国主义的正(负)能量



    I must admit,It's kinda ironic to follow my last post about the unquenchable power of serenity with a post about a phenomenon that occured lately all over China- massive( and in some cases violent) BOYCOTT of French Goods.

    The reason? The Beijing olympic torch relay was disrupted when it passed through French territory.So some Chinese people react all too readily to start to point fingers and take punitive(and irrational) measures, proudly labeling what they did(or are doing) Patriotic.They tend to emphasize that China is now EMERGING,Chinese people now is a force to be reckoned with, or serious stuff is gonna happen. And because the biggest shareholder of the French retail chain Giant Carrefour is rumored to have backed Dalai Lama in his undying pursuit of "freeing" Tibet, the supermarket bears the brunt of this national outrage.

    In Hefei,Anhui Province,some "PATRIOTIC" college students mobbed the local Carrefour, causing serious damage to the properties there(most of which are actually owned by Chinese businessmen who leased the stands or stores from Carrefour).It is reported that they were all very spirited,chanting and waving placards, swarming and smashing, not at all scared of the prospect of being arrested by the police. They must be feeling like CPC revolutionaries in the past, braving the unpleasant suppression in support of an ideal,a belief,a worthy cause...

    If only they are not misguided.

    What they are doing is actually causing harm to China- the country they claim they love all very deeply.

    1.  CNN anchorman Jack Cafferty(another story) commented just a few days earlier that Chinese people are "a bunch of goons and thugs".It certainly is no music to the ear, but it may still reveal what kind of image Chinese people are projecting to the western world.

    What these angry men are doing certainly is not very helpful in clearing this hideous misperception. They may actually be instrumental in driving the image home.

    Jack Cafferty may be a liar,but now even himself is not that sure...

    2. it's sentimentally immature and commercially unwise to mount a boycott against goods from certain supplier, or certain country, just because it did something unsavory to you and it seems only natural you retaliate.

    They are led to think Chinese people provokable, and thus controllable.

    China may be emerging quickly, but in order to expand and develop further, it still needs a lot more foreign investments. What Chinese "thugs" are doing today serves as a horrifying deterrent to potential foreign investors. They now think to invest in China is no longer safe, their initially interested mind swayed heavily by the nightmarish experience of Carrefour.

    Love China, then help it grow, not stunt it for the sake of "image".Image is to be earned, through comprehensive power, not anger, or violence.

    3. We need a quieter, more serene China to host the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games. People are visiting from all around the globe, and they are fearful of a violent,angry China which seems to be hostile to foreign visitors.

    Love China? Then let's help it host the most impressive, most memorable Olympic Games in history.

    How about that,my angry and "patriotic" fellow citizens?



  • I agree,bud. People seem be be patriotic for patriotic's sake. miss the whole point...