• 2006-02-19

    something borrowed


    Yeststerday when I read MF's latest post(you may find the link hereunder),a funny story just popped up in my mind.For those of you who're out of loop,I see the point of recounting it.And for convenience of writing and reference,I just copied what I left on MF's site here.Here goes:

           It reminds me(your posts always reminds me of sth,what’s the magic?) of a pretty funny incident whose wild circulation,especially in the so-called “cultural circle” here in China,is more or less fueled by its sheer irony.
    A fairly famous Chinese writer published a poem on a preeminent literary journal in China,adding as a pertinent anecdote that the inspiration for those lines actually flashed in his dreams.He was like,scrawling the couplets on the wall against his bed when asleep(or was it awake?).He delightfully eyed the words as the random display of his overflowing literary talent the next morning and generously wanted to share it.His is really a marvelous poem after all.If only it’s the case.I mean,well,it’s not what has actuallyhappened.Just a few days later someone broke the news that the poem the writer scrawled onto the walls during his sleep were actually written by another author altogether,way back in Tang Dynasty!So it turned out that the writer has just transcribed a poem by someone else onto a wall in one night and claimd it to be his the next morning.Pretty amazing huh?And what shall I make of it?Great minds think alike,like the saying goes,or,this guy really got poor memory?
    Maybe a little bit of both.



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