• 2006-03-04

    The Marble Faun


    Be sure to set aside some time to read this fiction: The marble Faun by  Nathaniel Hawthorne

    here is the link to a PDF version of it on the internet: http://www.horrormasters.com/Text/a1276b.pdf

    Has Anyone ever watched Albert and David Maysles’ 1975 cult documentary;Grey Gardens?That wild jerry has been found.He is now driving taxi somewhere.And he is the very “marble faun” made famous by the above said doc flick.And for those of you who don't know,he is by no means where that title originated.Jerry was nicknamed so because he fitted little Edie's fancied image of the protagonist of Hawthorne's novel so well that she fondly mistaken Jerry for him when they first met.From that on,this dubious title somehow stuck.And when the doc and the roles it shed lights on all become classics,the nickname sure will has its own due honor to claim.

     I now attach the prototype of the nickname,Nathaniel Hawthorne's namesake novel ,The marble Faun;.The problem is,I'm not sure should I expect the story-inspired movie to do the  novel,which is much older and more literarilly authoritative,justice or just the other way round.But the bottom line is nonetheless clear:if you don't check out both,you  sure aren’t doing yourself justice.



    enjoy.                                                                                            Dane