• 2006-03-04

    The kitten killer & Whodunit


    I read MF's latest post on the  kitten-killer incident that is all the rage recently in Chinese media.A modern middle-aged woman,in cold blood,crushed a kitten into a mashed knot in blood pool in a matter of seconds,with her high-heels.And everything was recorded on film(or was it pixles?).Visit any main portal of Internet China,you will find the series of pictures and video featuring the abovementioned sadistic show.And if you are a normal kind of person with no perverted or warped mind and taste(I do sincerely hope so),you will find it offensive and gross enough just to look at it,or even just hear about it.That cold-blooded killer is said to be a Hangzhou native,as the tracing of the picture-posting trail  technically indicated.And a lot of netizens(those from Hangzhou sure included) have tried to locate the background of the appalling pictures taken and tentatively made it "taken in Hangzhou".Hence the woman killer an assumed Hangzhou woman.

    Just a few days later,some other netizens changed the locale to  somewhere in Heilongjiang province,which is thousands of miles away from Hangzhou,citing the european style of the pogada in the background of some pictures,as opposed to the prominently oriental ones  as portrayed by the Hangzhou counterpart.So it's a Heilongjiang woman killed that kitten huh?

    If you call this a difference in degree(at least in longitude degree),the following version of this incident(as disguised as a response to MF's post) will be aptly called a difference in nature.

    here goes:

        well,yeah,that's really bloodily twisted.That woman is a sadist in the truest sense.
    But I heard that she actually is not Chinese,but some Japanese commercial starlet who makes her name in Japanese media circle by starring in perverted commercials,as this one has so gruesomely indicated.She is said to be doing a commercial for a Japanese sandal brand when she cruelly crushed that kitten.Needless to say,Japanese people are no exception when it comes to psychological norm.They reportedly boycotted the commercial and the products.So it got scrapped eventuanlly.BUt some of the stills somehow found their way onto the internet and made waves in pretty unexpected ways.
    please do accept this info as legitimate alternative version for this incident and be sure to keep an open mind.That is what I do each time I try to make sth of a controversy.



    The Marble Faun 2006-03-04