• 2008-05-13

    China,learn to cope,learn to hope...



    2008 turns out to be a phenomenal year for China.

    The upcoming Beijing Olympic games thrusts China to world's center stage. A lot of people are visiting China, a lot of people are re-examining China, a lot of people are heckling China for issues that are not so sports-related, but in all intents and purposes,politcally driven, or economically driven, or whatever-driven,which means China now is worthy of their concern,which is good news for China anyway. She has your attention!

    However,2008 is also phenomenal for China in another,more omious, more sobering sense.

    It's fraught with Disasters,both natural and man-made.

    At the beginning of this year, we were hit by an unprecedented blizzard that paralyzed the transport network nationwide and caused incaculable damage during its stay, not to mention people frozen to death, or killed in blizzard-induced accidents...

    Then a freak train derailment accident in Shandong Province in late April. It's freak in the sense that nothing like this ever happened before. One train derailed just as another train raced by. So it was more like two accidents rolled into one, a gigantic one. Few people in the wrong section of the careening train were lucky enough to survive a jerky derailment ...and then...a frontal crash.

    Now a major earthquake hit us on 12th May in Sichuan province. I mean MAJOR. With a magnitude of 7.8 7.9 8.0, as devastating as even more davastating than the one that hit Tangshan China back in 1976. Death tolls are alarmingly high, expected to reach 10,000 soon.

    And we are barely half way through the year yet!

    I'm not going to ask(in vain) what seems to be the problem. At current stage, The WHAT'S WRONG question is not nearly as meaningful as the WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO question.

    The right questions to ask are, therefore-

    - what shall we do ? How shall we cope with this? What do we make of all of these disasters thrown at China so unexpectedly? if disasters hit again(God forbid), how shall we be sure we are not altogether hopeless(even if we may be helpless)?

    I think my dear friend,American screenwriter and producer Mr Mark Byers gave a brilliant and enlightening answer.

    "All of these events offer a good opportunity to look inward, evaluate values and priorities, and look into the face of Eternity..."

    Maybe we should...while we can.