• 2008-05-18

    a great mom in China earthquake 母爱震天撼地


     The baby


    When they found her, she was already dead. To their bewilderment though, she seemed to have adopted a very strange posture to brace for the fatal impact. Deep under rubble, on her hands and knees, She looks like she was kowtowing. Only her back was crushed …and she was long gone…



    The rescue team moved on, for they must try and find other victims who were still alive and they were racing against time. They would come back later to handle the corpses, of which they saw too many around there. Those alive have priority.



    Before moving out, the leader of the team struck a stick against the shattered concrete column as a last attempt to alert any potential survivor. And then he heard it…



    He cried out back to his retreating team, "Come back!there's somebody down here!"



    They began to reach beneath the "kowtowing" woman, and discovers under her protective canopy of propped-up arms a little baby, barely half a year old. He was still sleeping. And he was untouched. The mom sacrificed her life to save her baby.



    One doctor unwrapped the swaddling clothes around the baby, intending to give him a check-up.  Then a cell phone dropped out. One message was found left on the screen of the phone, the mom must have typed it in the last moments of her life, which goes, "My dear baby,if you can survive this, I want you to know that I love you."



    Everybody present started to cry…