• 2006-04-15

    diplomatic drama


    I read a piece of old news today when I was cross linked or directed to this news source.Anyway it was about this diplomatic incident that occurred back in June of last year.At some summit or gathering.US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was gushing about China's growing power,with an inordinate emphsis on its increasing military might.He stopped just short of accusing China of gearing up for an unprovoked war or sth.His logic was quite Americanly,or Bushily(himself might argue,uncannily) clear-cut:Since China has no foes or threats that could be called manacing,what are all those mounting military budgets for?It only naturally led to one plausible conclusion:China is trying to wield its soon-to-be-mighty military power to balance and leverage The America.

     Mr Cui TianKai,then the director of Asian bereau of Ministry of Foreign affairs of P.R.C,almost jumped to his feet and retorted accusingly,quote:" Do you truly believe that China is under no threat whatsoever from any part of the world,and do you truly believe that the United States feels threatened by the so-called emergence of China?"

    Donald was reported to acknowledge that Amerca didn't necessarily feel threatened by the growing force of China,but still refuse to concede that China really has any threat whatsoever to worry about.

    Sometimes it's fun to watch what those diplomats do to each other when their national interests are at stake.They fight,they argue,they swear,though not necessarily to the face.The supreme epitomization of this kind of tension that always pops up to mind is a what'shisnameagain russian leader who once took off his shoe and rapped it on the table before him to command attention and show frustration.Outrageous!