• 2006-04-22

    Will Hu let it show?


    I guess it is lost on no one (at least those inquiring enough and really into browsing washingtonpost on a daily basis) that Hu's first impression of the states and the white house isn't a very good one.

     Some gaffes "unexpectedly" occurred.

    For starters,literally,the trip bodes ill.It even lack enough legitimacy to be granted the title" formal state visit".Bush administration only condescendingly acquiesced to a lesser "formal visit" and 21-gun salute.Odd match,isn't it?

    When Hu is in the "safe" sphere of white house,you might say,he will just forget about the previous unhappiness about titles,it's just visit itself that matters,isn't it?Be there,and you win.Now you're there,next to the president of the United States,and you'll shake hands and exhange some very good-natured pleasantries for the whole world to see.Mission accomplished.Whew!....  You'd be dead wrong,folks.

     The nightmares has just begun.

    Exactly ninety seconds into Hu's customary speech,a woman in her mid-forties sneaked out from no where,and began yelling extremely unsavory words at President Hu,jeckling him right after he has just confortably let his guard down.Who could expect to have a disruptor lurking around at that time and that ceremony?Well, that's a pretty good question.US security service shall have some explaining to do.Up till now,they just shrugged. And by the way,that one and same woman pulled the same old trick just a few years back  in Malta when Hu's prodecessor Mr Jiang Zemin was visiting.She made the news then,and presumably should also make the list of security guys.But they just shrugged.Things happen,they seem to be saying.

        And yes,things happen.To add insult to injury,when it came time to strike some solemn chord ,The official announcer  said the band would play,quote,"the national anthem of the Republic of China".As if it's OK to play jokes on each other;they just forget taiwan issue has the whole damn nation at stake.Absolutely,rigidly,irreversibly off-limits to jest,intentional or negligient.

      There're a few other slights Hu has been suffering the whole day which I don't see the point of elaborating upon;since I've gotten the message across.Bush've been playing games.And here is the advice Mr President.Hu is truly someone to be reckoned with.Never ever fool with national interests.Think about what this meeting is supposed to accomplish,on the US side.Trade,Iran,DPRK,RMB...there're so many things where you're supposed to be warming to China if they ever want to be addressed at all.Teasing and humiliating isn't going to help.or could be even worse;just try to imagine this senario Mr president:The next time Air Force One touched down in Beijing Intl Airport,you will find you are surrounded by Al Quaeda-trained Eastern Turkestanians from Xinjiang.Demand an explanation?You guess it,the Chinese will just,well,shrug..