• 2008-08-20

    the sign 有趣的标语,无料的国足



    Here is a picture of a bunch of Nigerian soccer fans cheering at a game between Nigerian Olympic soccer team and Belgian soccer team on August 19th in Beijing.

     The words on the sign read something like," we may not be good at gymnastics, we may not excel in Ping-pong, but in soccer we are strong!"

    Well, they may as well be addressing the Chinese fans!

    These words speak directly to the bruised ego of hundreds of thousands of Chinese football fans who have been let down again and again and again by the national soccer team in a staggeringly inordinate share of disgraceful defeats...

     It just brought to mind another incident that did involve Chinese soccer team, the captain of the national team,Li Wei Feng, to be exact. After getting licked by Brazil a massive 3:0, Li was said to have begrudgingly grumbled some angry words to the effect that we chinese football team is on similar level in soccer as is Brazilian ping-pong team in table tennis. He was just about to get away with it before a chinese-born brazilian ping-pong coach gave a compelling rebuttal to his claim, asserting that UNLIKE chinese soccer team, Brazilian Ping-pong team essentially is world-class and intancing a few world championships the team secured in the past.

     Oops... Seems like Chinese soccer team lost even the mudslinging war...

    When are they gonna win something at all, except our scorn and disdain???

    Maybe they should lay low, stop treating themselves as bigshots everywhere they go,well,actually don't go anywhere at all,just keep their noses to the grindstone and practice hard for god's sake!

    Or by the time you guys finally pick up the skill to kick football we fans have already learned, or just followed our natural inclination, to kick your ass!