• 2006-08-06

    a whole new perspective on Lebanon-Israel war


    Pride issue

    -a whole new perspective on Lebanon-Israel war

    By Dane Cao    People’s Republic of China

      Now that the Lebanon-Israel war has been raging for a while,and there’s no sign of abating,I reckon it’s about time for me to say a thing or two about this ongoing bloody conflict.What do I think is the origin of it,what do I make of the whole event,where in my opinion will this strife go and what should the international community do to tone down or even dissipate the tension that keeps driving wars between two groups concerned.

       When we talk about Israel,the words “Jewish” and “Zionist” pop to mind of its own accord.Why is this?Is there anything special about those words except that they are somewhat exotic-sounding?To state the obvious,They are basically useless,or pretty much the least frequently used words in our everyday lives.You don’t use them when you are at dinner table with your family or with friends,you don’t use them when you travel around the world meeting different kinds of people and cultures;I mean,They are not “Ni Hao” in Chinese,or “Foie Gras” in French,for god’s sake.But why,why are they still so attached to our mind,so much so that whenever Israel is mentioned,they are invoked almost instantly?

       The answer,I think,is because of Israel’s undying projection of ethnic image,a relentless bombardment of identity consciousness onto people’s minds.Simply put,they are so historically marginalized that they almost compulsively and desperately want to be recognized as a legitimate ethnic group once their own country was founded,which is,of course,Israel.They think there are too many misunderstandings or biases,about their nationality,and all those misconceptions deserve to be cleared up once and for all when they,as a nation,are capable of disseminating necessary amount of information(or arguably misinformation) to the world audience.Of course,They made it;Those key words for Israeli identity somehow stuck in people’s mind.

       The origin of Middleeast feud,is not driven by oil,is not even driven by land,it’s driven by  a strong Arab backlash against just as strong an ethnic identity complex,which is enshrined in every administration of Israeli government and deep-rooted in Israeli national consciousness.

       The problem.I think,is not in the information itself;The problem is,Israel chose a wrong place to Launch its information campaign(the wrong place to settle down,that is).If you consider Israeli’s ethnic identity campaign as a sharp lance swirling around the globe,then you can also clearly see a giant Arabian curved sword being raised up resolutely to clash with it.Yes,the Arab world,the world’s one and only place where the religious and ethnical piety reaches the point of exclusivity,the world’s one and only place that feverishly believe in a religion which metes out punishments as immediate and “unreligious” as “beheading”,as opposed to eventual poetic justice and tolerance espoused by world’s other main religions.In a word,when you try to talk a nationality as self-righteous and ruthless as Arabs into believing that there are other sacred people and places in the world than the one they believe they exclusively pride themselves upon,you risk insulting the whole Arab world.For thousands of years,history tells us,Arab world is better left unprovoked.If it thinks it’s the heavenly kingdom,so be it.Everybody knows better,but what’s the point of pressing the point?They Arabs live for honor,die for honor,which an expedient acquiescence from the saner world could supply aplenty.Why not do it and let them leave us alone?

       I sure have no problem with Israelis’ de-smearing .It’s perfectly legitimate and long overdue,I have to admit.But there’s a fine line to walk here for their grand cause.Too aggressively pushing for restoration of Jewish grace would inevitably squeeze the neighboring Arabs’ puffed-up ego;And don’t forget there’s also a holy city at stake here.As far as I know,Jews and Arabs all lay emphatic claim on Jerusalem in observance of their respective religious-ethnic festivals.The status quo is each grabs half to festoon when holidays roll around.Jewish people might not care,for they have nothing in the past;Half of holy city suits them just fine.But Arabs are not so easy to satisfy.They’ve seen better,far better.They have never been made so “pathetic” as to have half a holy city to control and revere,never before.This spiritual buise is far more poisonous than the physical loss of half a city.Frustration begets resentment,which breeds revenge mentality,which fatally plunge the whole Arab world into a seemlingly eternal warfare.

     To be continued