• 2006-08-09

    Washingtonpost columnist wrote back!


    I sent Washington Post columnist Mr Sabastian Mallaby(whose columns appear regularly on mondays in washington post) a political essay by me trying to dissect and analyse middleeast strife entitled "Pride Issue"(which is my last post with a few revisions),for his comments and review.Understandably he didn't reply.Then today I sent him a second enquiry email as a prompt,GUESS WHAT?!yeah,he did answer back this time.

    I know I know,it might be an automated "thank you for your letter" letter,but I doubt it.For I didn't even receive this one when I sent him the first email.And even when I sent him this second email inquiring about the first one,it is not until more than 40 miniutes later that he sent a reply.So, perfunctory as it is,the reply is heartening and reassuring and "for real'.In my second mail,I told Mr Mallaby that I'm just a chinese youngman who happens to be interested in political journalism and would like more than anything else encouragement from him as a highly-esteemed columnist with the world's most prestigious politically oriented news portal-THE POST.I think it does it.

    Anyway,here I past his reply.Please don't laugh at my shallow "idol worship" here.

    Dane: Thanks for your response to my column. Owing to the number of e-mails I get, I can't promise to reply to all of them. But I do read and learn from your feedback and insight.Keep up your good work!
    Sebastian Mallaby.