• 2006-08-09

    More meritocracy than Marketocracy


    check out this interesting site for an unique fund managing firm Marketocracy(www.maketocracy.com)

    they don't rely on professional investing wisdom but rather on the intuitive(but uncanny indeed in most of the cases) knacks of regular folks to make speculative bets.Visceral Vs Cerebral.Khkis Vs Pinstripe.

      Result? Amazing! Those financial laymen,outsiders and nobodies all out perform the market and thus outperform their sleek professional counterparts.

    Lesson? A lot.

    1.the myth about speculative investment is debunked.There's no such a thing like "rich investment expertise and skills).

    2.Malcolm Gladwell's bestselling Nonfiction Book "blink" recommended.

    3.trust yourself,your knowledge,your experience,you insight and most of all, your intuition. It pays.

    4.when talking to a professional broker,don't let his fancy linbos intimidate or fool you.Throw in the questions that pop up in your mind spontaneously.Never fear to challenge him,Cuz chances are you might be the right one.

    5.it is not to say,financial professionals will have to be made redundant.It's hardly the thing I mean.They are not to be.They might still be very effective,they are just not magic.Their sound financial knowledge,excellent analytical skills and remarkable executive power will all come in handy when the right occasions call for them.so take heart,Morgans!

    Last but not least,the web-based model.The truly amazing thing about this is not,as all too often assumed,the convenience it might offer to the clientele,but the collective wisdom it manages to tap and utilize.Look around,how many companies could be as strong as they are today had the internet era not come along?Hardly conceivable!

                   Anyway,this would also make perfect practicing field for those interested in the investment,especically Intuitive investement.Like my friend,Morgan.

                      Have fun and have a productive career.