• 2006-09-13

    spy or what?


    I went to shenzhen talent job fair today.While there,I noticed there were two foreigners snapping away at the scene of swarming job-hunters  pushing and shoving around them with a digital camera.My gal suggest I go up and ask what they are doing there.I demurred patiently,explaining that foreigners don't appreciated other people minding their business.My gal retorted:"why?You could just insinuate your message and coax their answer out of them!"To which I gave no for an answer.

      Secretly though I think those two guys might be with some foreign news agency or sth,and they are assigned to shoot some pictures of Chinese job markets.Perhaps some analyst is writing an article about China's economic trend,and since employment index is an important barometer of economic performance and drive,he wants some fresh stuff from Chinese job market as corroborative footnotes.Hence this pic mission....



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