• 2006-10-04



    你好,Crystal.下面这片英文日志是送给你的.Read on to find out...

    This post is dedicated to a nice young lady,Crystal,Whose blog I came across the other day when searching online for something about apparel trend.She is with Fashionsnoops.com China office,an online fashion info web portal based in NYC,United states.

     To be more specific,one of her posts struck a chord with me.It's about urban loneliness,or rather,about human loneliess.Actually it isn't some kind of abstract piece that waxed philosophic,rather,it's very human,very emotional and very earthy.She talked about how she planned her national day holiday and mid-autumn festival(which happen to coincide) and how she spent the past ones alone and how she longed for company and true love....

      Chick stuff,you may argue.Well,in my view,it's genuine stuff,a bit sentimental,but very pleasantly sentimental.And very infectious.I mean,I was rendered a little BLUE after reading her post and started thinking,very seriously,about my life,my love,my future.....

     anyway,keep up your good work,crystal.I appreciate you.

    and by the way,If you ever visit here and read this post,I want to say,I also come from Anhui originally.So,we are LAO XIANG(fellow townsmen in Chinese).In chinese idioms,We should hug each other and cry out loud.(老乡见老乡,两眼泪汪汪).Haha...




  • Hope you have a joyous birthday and many blessings to count.

    Happy birthday,crystal.
  • Thank you for your post,it's the most wonderful gift to me.And your english is very well which make me envy,hehe
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