• 2006-10-06

    Ugly fad


    Horrible.it's the first word that popped to mind when I watched last edition of Sixty Minutes syndicated by CBS.

     One of its section featured this horrendous trend among American teenagers that it's cool and thrilling to kick a few homeless guys in the street.Some even went overboard and landed themselves in jail.Four kids,cited as the most notorious perpetrators,were all sentenced to at least 25 years in prison.Sounds too harsh for budding youngmen?Well,I think it's pretty fair price to pay considering what those out-of-mind kids did-- in a woods somewhere down in the florida,they woke up a 45-year-old homeless guy and killed him using a stick with a spike at the end.What they intended to do there,which is also perfectly illegal,paled as compared to the crimes they paid the heaviest price for-they were smoking pot there.

      Today's post is not about minor teen infractions,like underage drinking,drunk driving or even drug use.Rather,it's about the bloodily twisted,frighteningly cold-blood vagrants-assault.Aka,bumfights.

    If you ever heard of this,little surprise.Since you stepped into every DVD/rental store you could spot its presence.Bumfights Video has become one of the most famous entertainment vehicle among American youngsters.On those videos you could see  quite a few homeless guys fighting each other like mad,or being assaulted,kicked,punched,Duct-taped,gagged,bound,you name it,by a team of youngmen.They howled and yelled;you never know it's out of panic or excitement.According to one teenager interviewed by 60 Minutes anchorman,it's some kind of "entertainment" for young kids.They could easily get excited this way.

      Totally inconceivable!Have times really changed?And I don't think times will,or should,ever change the better parts of human nature.Human,as species,survived the long and harsh history of evolution by means of sticking together and helping each other.Through this long years of practical conditioning,physiological or psycological or otherwise,It's not unreasonable to suggest that compassion and sympathy has been hardwired into people's mind.But look at those kids?! Are they emotional aliens or should we look really hard at the teen education issue this exposed?

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