• 2006-10-12

    can I pull it off?


    I'm now working part-time for a generator manufacturer,which is located far away from where I live.By part-time,I don't necessarily mean "You can work at home,at your own leisure".Nothing of that kind.I'll have to be there,only I don't have to adhere to the strigent rules there which regulates other "Regular" workers.In other words,I may work on my own schedule,but I'll have to work there.

     So here I am,typing those words on my office computer.Frankly,I don't like it here.People here are not very kind.And the boss is not as helpful as he promised he would be when he first talked with me.I have to learn my way into competency.

     Did I mention that I'm doing international sales?Well,that's what they want me for.TO sell diesel generators abroad.Before I came here,I thought sales would be good.I wouldn't have to work very hard before I could find some serious buyers and get some deals cut.There're so many places in the world that are in urgent need of power after all.Iraq,African regions and some parts of south eastern  Asia.Our products are as good as,if not better than those provided by other major suppliers here in China.Our pricing is also highly competitive.Lower than our rivals,if anything.And the fact is they are selling very well.All of those considerations have led me to believe,quite naively in hindsight,the hardship I'm going to endure here will be well worth it.

      I couldn't be more wrong.Sales performance here is as languid as it could possibly be.And the problem is there's no easy solution in sight.I've talked with their boss for a couple of times,about the marketing strategy,about the way to enhance the overseas recognition of our brand,which conceivably will improve our chances of receiving more attention.But as you know,it's always easier said than done.The hard part is always how to execute those visions and strategies.and execute effectively.

      Anyway,I'm not so confident about the situation here.I don't think it will change(for the better I mean) any time soon.Their boss seems to be looking for  a silver bullet for his overseas sales predicament,and fails to realize that there's no such a thing.I feel greatly stressed.All I can do here is help to identify the marketing flaws,if any and fix it,and intensify our pitching initiatives.Whether it's going to work or not,We'll have to see,with our fingers crossed....

        To be updated



  • Snowball effect,sorta.The more sucessful you become,the more publicity you get and that publicity generates sales.Perfect virtuous cycle...