• 2006-10-13

    scammer in Benin


    Well,well,well,so much for the legendary African scams.

     I identified an African scammer today.He is based in Benin.

    People are talking about Negeria scammers all over the world.They(scammers) claimed they are the next of kin of some freshly deceased millionair in their country,whose large fortune will only be released when you pay a small(comparatively) sum of transaction fee or bribe money to faciliate the processing.Or they may be the secretary of some newly dethroned high-ranking official of their government.Naturally they also need some small amount of money to grease someone's hand to get the money.On this enticing premise,you are invited to come aboard and pay the fee and share pro rata in the fortune successfully released.

    The one I encountered proclaim himself authorized agent for a certain "reputable" organization called "National Agency For Africa Development",(NAAD for short).He made it clear at the very beginning(the second email actually) that he would be interested in doing business with us and were willing to buy two cummins generators from us with the total price running well into 5 million US dollars.He instructed me to commit and issue Pro forma Invoice immediately with that "NAAD" organization.

    In international sales business,when you feel there's something fishy going on,there probably is.Especially when a deal is too good to be true.We never expect to get a deal done even after dozens of bargining interactions and lengthy exchange of techincal data.But in this case,they almost decided to come aboard right on the spot.Highly suspicious.

    So I did a little background check on google,which turns to be such a powerful self-service detective agency.And guess what?There're numerous red flags raised about this particular scammers around the world.A US importer all but fell for this scam.Some one in Ireland posted a long article targeted specifically at cracking this scam.Those scammers' next move,goes the expose,is to ask you to send some money to them to,again ,you guess it,facilitate the fund release from terminally corrupt African officials.They would even go so far as to furnish us with some exquisitely forged banking and legal papers to attest to the legitimacy of their request.

        I have decided to play with them for a while,just to see what's their next trick to pull.If they stick to the old trick,I'll suggest they try something new next time.If they do come up with a brand-new version,I'll play with them a little longer,to coax out more scam info from them.Then I'll post the specifics and mechanics of this latest scam onto the internet,to inform,to warn,and hopefully,to entertain.






  • Dear Sam,
    I know that this letter might be a suprise to you,My name is..Roseline, as you already know, i am from Sierra Leone,but I am living here in senegal i am here in dakar,because of the fund $2.7 million my late father left in a Security bank here for me,before he died.which i want to transfer out from here to your country for investment through your help as my foreign partner, base on my late father agreement with the secuirty bank. please write back to me so i could give you more details about it.. Please I need your assistance. I do hope to hear from you soon.this is why i am looking for an honest man, some one i can trust and i do feel it in my heart that i can trust you.hoping you write back soon.

    Thanks and do stay safe.
    From Roseline