• 2006-10-13

    sense of owership and career blueprint


    I've been thinking about this for a while,right since I started my job search this sepetember.

    I'm tired of filling typical nine-to-five job openings.Bore aside,it's an impasse,a dead end no tunnel vision would penetrate.

     I'm thinking about starting my own business and ideally it would be web-based.I mean it might be some website.I know I know Dot.com Boom have officially passed,with some not-so-savory corporate events in its wake.But I don't think the internet economy has any trouble supporting one more tiny entrepreneur.I'm not setting unrealistic goals like emulating Google.I just want to have a business of my own,which is modern,neat,swift and easy to handle.Website seems to be the most likely candidate.

       Like the one established and operated by Dane Carson,my American namesake,whose site www.business-opportunities.biz represents the ideal web-based business I've ever envisioned.

    Well-aimed and well-loved.Offer much-needed information that might also help others realize the dream of building their own business.

    Since it's useful,predictably there will be a large following online which in turn could generate some ads revenue which could sustain the operation of the website which would get only better which would attract more attention.Perfecly virtuous cycle.

    The best part of it yet is you don't have to be bound by the strict work-place rules.Don't have to rise early in order to rush to company and punch in on time.Don't have to work overtime because you backlog hasn't been cleared or just because boss told you to.Say goodbye to those things.You are now FREE!

     It's the state of being I'm aspiring to.It's the profession I'm enamored with.

    It's the work that I will never get sick and tired of.The job you could call me workaholic for while I'm not unhappy about.

    It's the sense of ownership.

    I will have to keep watching...



    scammer in Benin 2006-10-13