• 2006-10-27

    David,great futures


    I'm now teaching a Futures Trader here in Shenzhen,named David,english.Not the basics like Alphabet or fundamental grammar or things of that sort.He can actually read some english and get the gist of things quite well.He is just very weak in idiomatic expressions and he needs a rigorous drill in his grammar,which is ,sometimes,truly terrible.To say he is not so awful in his reading comprehension doesn't mean he is perfect in this.Quite on the contrary.He can read OK,and get the general idea all right,but sometimes if you press him,you'd find he've actually construed some specific terms or phrases totally wrong.This speaks volume about his lack of a systematic strengthening of reading capability.

      I shall pledge to asist him in his mastery of this language.Since he once mentioned he now is charged with the task of providing professional training for CTA applicants,I have put a special emphasis on the futures-related english to help acquaint him with the language in this specific field.For instance,last night,we read some futures news together on the futures industry website- www.dailyfutures.com  and get some latest info as to what's going on for some of the core commodities traded on world futures market.And we are having a great time.

          David,if you are reading this post,I want you to have faith in yourself,in your language capability and in me.With my meticulous and rigorous tutoring ,you may see improvements quite soon.

         And please visit my blog more often.You'd be welcome.

        PS:I'm learning a lot about futures as well.Thanks,David.