• 2006-10-30

    must say no to Moto(personally)



    This slogan of Motorola has once been all the rage among the growing cellphone owners here in China.It's catchy,foreign-sounding and chic,if anything.

      And if any young kid has the ringtone of the mail-voice version of this slogan,he would literally become the center of attention on subways.

    Motorola,the powerhouse of sleek,modern and sophisticated mobile phones,has long since been associated with reliable quality and high taste.

    But not in China.

    High taste?Arguably so.High quality? Definitely no.

    As a consumer who has chosen to go with Moto for the past 5 years,I speak from experience.

    And the experience,Trust me,is not very pleasant.

    Take my current Moto Gadget:  E 398.

    This phone is awkwardly heavy,unconveniently thick and defectively fitted.

    The antenna,which is uncharacteristically internal(Nokia is thought to be the main manufacturer of Flat block phone with no external antenna),is extremely weak in receiving signals.

    Whenever you are in tunnels or crisscrossing the concrete jungles of urban cities,chances are pretty good you'd be disconnected.

    and the fringe functions  meant to attract younger consumers,such as the embedded digi-camera,the MP3 player and stuff, are at best serviceable.Exceptionally funtional as you would expect from a world-famous brand like Motorola? well,think again!

      It's not a call for a blanket boycott of motorola products.I never meant it to be anything like that.Rather,It would be great if someone from Motorola could get to read this.Then this post will not be seen as my pettily retaliatory stance,but a piece of responsible and constructive feedback,by acting upon which real quick,the Modern Moto will ensure itself a brigher and securer future in the most populous country(with arguably the most cellphone owners) in the world.

    By the way,the Latest Motorola RAZR is cool.Hope it functions just as coolly.



  • Yeah,dude,motorola's phone sucks.I can relate to you perfectly.