• 2006-11-13

    Free zone finally(for a couple of days)


    Good news for NY times buff.Times has finally decided to offer TimeSelect for free for a dozen days.This means you could read columns written by the likes of Thomas L Friedman,the guy who wrote the bestselling Nonfiction book" the world is flat",free of charge!

      Actually TimeSelect has been open for a couple of days already,only I got to know it just now.Too bad the days for free browsing within the PAID zone are numbered.

     Anyway,let's seize the day and enjoy some true insight from some of the most visionary columnistes the states has to offer.

    you may access the FREE-FOR-NOW TimeSelect here,if so inclined.





  • I only just dicovered this,several days too late it turns out.Now it's officially irretrievaly OVER.Sad...