• 2006-11-14

    what's happiness?


    It's a question thrown at Red Flag  by Gu at the very beginning of the movie"Gimme Kudos"(for details of the movie please read my last post).

    And Red Flag gave the most classic answer I have ever come to hear(coarse,distasteful,yes,but very true):

     If I'm hungry and you are enjoying a feast,You are happier than me.

    If I'm thinly clad while you're well bundled up ,you are happier than me.

    If I rush to answer nature's call and find you there first in the one-seat toilet,You're happier than me.....


    Happiness,so it seems,stems from satisfaction and true enjoyment of every moment of every day life.

    Where is happiness? and what is it exactly? The answer couldn't be more obvious.



    Gimme Kudos 2006-11-14