• 2006-11-16

    niche could be rich


    It seems there're indeed no shortage of business opportunites if you  look carefully enough.

    When it comes to apparel business in US,everybody thinks of the oursourcing and offshoring.In the past decade after all,the vast majority of apparel manufacturing mills in America have moved overseas(to China,among other low-labor-cost countries),or just die out(because they chose to buck the trend).Who has ever thought that an apparel-related business has been gaining momentum in the very industry which has lost ground to overseas sweatshops years before?

    well,a recent wall street journal article(read it here) featured this particular company that embodies the above-mentioned business Comeback(or rather,claw-back),Sata Fe Finishing,a service firm based in Los Angeles,USA.The name may be plain,but what it specializes in is truly something eye-opening and interesting- Correcting errors committed by Chinese exporters to help clear the goods temporarily seized by US customs.In other words,their speciality is offering emergeny-room service for overseas(mainly Chinese) exporters to salvage their otherwise hopeless cargos.And they are have a brisk business.

    More importantly,it represents a trend that has increasingly become an industry onto itself.Quite some similiar businesses spring up in America.Another such firm based in New York City (which I actually got to call the other day) even got introduced in passing by a New York Times article.

      Some bigger apparel firms are said to set out to stem the trend by establishing strong presence in China and strengthening QA process there.But some of the error-correction firm owners are still optimistic."Perfection is a fantastic goal," one says. "But, hey, it's never going to happen."

    I was thinking the kind of insight in finding this business opportunity might have something that could inspire me.Maybe We could also get this re-outsourced job outsourced back?

    Any ideas any one?