• 2006-11-20

    snatch-and-run in Shenzhen


    Last Thurday night I took a bus to get back to where I live from my workplace.All went well at the first half of the bus ride.Everybody was trying to while away the boring time they'd have to be spending constrained on the cramped bus,either by taking fitful naps or glancing at newspapers.This,it seemed,would be another uneventful and dull trip.

     Then something dramatic happened.When the bus halted at a bus stop and opened the rear door for some "passengers" to get on board,a guy in his mid-twenties dashed on ,headed swiftly like an arrow to a young woman sitting next to the rear door, snatched her cellphone(which she was actually using at that time),turned to get off in the same swift fashion and fled.

    It may sound like quite a long process.The amazing thing is,it took less than 5 seconds for the snatch-and-run robber to finish his job.

    Before I came to shenzhen,I heard the LAW AND ORDER conditions here are lousy.Gangsters could strike anytime on the street.You'd be wise not to stroll in the night,if you don't want to be mugged and robbed(even beaten up,if you happened to leave your wallet back at home).

    I thought that was all rumors,or at least some cautionary remarks blown way out of proportion.Every city suffered from its fair share of violent crimes.Shenzhen certainly is no exception.

    This incident last week,however,offered me a real-life,seen-with-my-own-eyes case which sadly spoke volumes about conditions here in shenzhen.Maybe it indeed needs to make extra efforts to ensure that the law and order here is upheld so as to attract more investments and talents.