• 2006-11-20

    Landlord at long last


    I, finally,became a landlord.For someone who has been renting his places for the past 4 years,this is nothing short of a milestone.

    Only it never ends my life of being a hardcore tenent.I Bought it as an investment.

     The real estate market in shenzhen these days is robust and sizzling. The price of an apartment(with 2 bedrooms,one sitting room,a few bathrooms,a balcony) in the urban area could easily runs into the 1 million RMB bracket.And the most beautiful thing is ,it never stops there,it keeps growing.Suppose you bought one apartment for the price of 1 million this year,the next year when you decide to cash it out,you are guaranteed to rake in 200,000 RMB(sold at 1,200,000 RMB,that is).That's a fat profit margin,which never ceases to attract speculative eyes.It help to explain why an awful lot of people start to invest their money in real estate market in shenzhen,instead of conventional stock portfolios(Shenzhen boasts one of the only two stock exchanges here in China,you'd assume people here tend to trade stocks as an investment).

     I'm glad I came on board just in time,Not so early that I'd be experimenting for others,nor so late that there's little or no margin left.I may not be the first,I'm sure not the last.

     My apartment is located in the eastern part of shenzhen,outside the special economic zone(right next to the checkpoint actually) and the surrouding conditions are excellent.The railway station and metro stop are right across the street.The ground floor houses a bustling supermarket.Public transit systems  are also sophisticated around there.you could easily catch a bus to pretty much anywhere in the city, from the western point of sea,SheKou,to the eastern point,DaPeng Bay.

    I thought It was a worthy investment and as the time goes by,sure will prove to be a highly lucrative one as well.So even if the finalization process took some time and a lot of autographing,it will be definitely worth the hassle.

    I'm going to rent out my apartment and the rent will go to pay the mortgage.Not exactly overlap,but I could easily make up the difference.You've got to have tunnel vision on your investment.

    It's a start.                

     -BP    Beyond Pay.