• 2006-11-22

    keeping up


    It's me failing to keep pace with technological advances,or it's just technology evolving at truly a breakneck pace?

    Either way,It's first I heard of Voice Recognition  MP3 players.

    If you need further explanation for this gadget,you are in my league.

    Simply illustrated: if you are on a crowded subway(I MEAN really crowed,you could barely turn or even squirm,which is not an unfamiliar scene here in China),and you happen to want to better spend your boring commute by listening to some music you loaded in your MP3 players.The problem is,the best you could manage in the situation is to pry it out of your pocket.Trying to get that cute song by Katie Melua?where is it?the 15th track in the playlist maybe?You are not sure?Struggle to find out?too much people,too much hassle.

    Now it's the voice recognition technology that comes into rescue.Simply call out the name of your favorite song to your gadget,and it will find it and play it for you,all within a matter of 1 second.Quick,easy and higly convenient.The accurancy rate is said to shoot well into 97%-100% bracket,highly sufficient for our everyday needs.

    Switch to your favorite song simply by asking for it.

    Amazing thing.I wonder what else these techi guys would come up with in the near future.

    Keep your eyes peeled is the only advice I can offer if you don't want to be out of touch.