• 2006-11-24

    who's gonna win and who'll be in line


    I watched a documentary about Hillary Rodham Clinton and her political aspirations the other day and I was truly impressed with her dedication and political savvy.

     speaking of aspirations,2008 election is approaching,any idea who is going to win the BIG bid?

    Al Gore is coming back.We also get new entrant:Rudolph Giuliani.

    John Edwards seems to be gearing up to make the official bid for presidency also,although he was being extremely cautious about this the other day when asked about his plan on Late Show With David Letterman.His answer? You guess it!That slimy and elusive MAYBE!

    While you think Hillary is most likely to make history and win the bid,who do you think will be the next in order?Just list your candidates in descending order of certainty.



  • I'm for Obama.

    He is definitely among the political talents of a rare order,to borrow the term from an Atlantic Monthly writer.

    and he've got this strong authenticity around every word he said.You are "tempted" to believe whatever he has to say.And that's a rare quality you are looking to find in a politician,hopefully the next president of the United States of America...
  • Don't tell mama,I'm for Obama.
  • i THINK Barack Obama will probably beat out Hillary for the nomination.My prediction would go from there.Not made up my mind yet.