• 2006-11-27

    leveling force of blogs


    I never thought blog could be such a powerful leveling force.

    By leveling I mean it topples down the walls that used to erect between regular folks and well,"big wigs","big shots" and the like.

    Before the advent of internet and blog,ever dare to think you might be able to read a CEO's personal journal?Well,you must be his secretary and a very intimate one at that,to be possibly able to lay your hands on it,mustn't you?Very reasonable.

    But now?Well,depending on the personality and whims of  that particular CEO,you may read it wherever and whenever you wish,on the internet,on his blog!

    Now you understand,the leveling force I mentioned.I think Thomas L Friedman has also touched upon the role  blog played in the ever-evolving interpersonal bonds in this info era,so it's rarely anything novel.But now I'm holding a reinforced belief in what he said now,because one of Chris Anderson's latest posts has driven it home so deep.You may read it HERE.

    My interest was induced by Anderson's mention of "CEOs venting".And I clicked through(it was a link) and arrived at this wonderful blog of Patrick Byrne.A big shot alright.Patrick is the CEO of Overstock.com.You can access his blog HERE,if you so wish.

    Start reading his blogs and think about adding the link to his blog to my blog list.

    See?I'm not his personal assitant,nor did I make the slightest effort to acquire,I'm now reading a CEO's jouranl on the daily basis.

    If it's not amazingly leveling,what's your word?