• 2006-11-28

    telling signs of emerging China


    Something used to be brushed off as hilarious now has came true.In recent years,an increasing number of schools in the US are offering Chinese instruction courses.

    I said it used to be a hilarious proposition because we all understand US citizens are well known for their laziness and reluctance to learn foreign lanuages.They thought they'd be OK if they stick with their mother tongue-American English,which all but become the world language.In those times,it is the opposite that seems more true.People all over the world are studying english.It brings to mind something like"if Mountain will not approach Mohamad,Mohamad would approach the mountain".And in this case,The mountain is the seemingly unmovable Uncle Sam.

    It seems nothing is irreversible or changeable in this world,Uncle Sam or Uncle Jimmy.International trend has abruptly turned and now everybody is looking to China for cues.

    To quote a famous Hedge fund manager who used to be George Soros's partner in the early years,'The 19th century is the century of Britain,The 20th century is the century of the United States,the 21st Century is the century of China'.and he didn't just pay lip service,he lets actions speak louder than the words.He hired private tutors to teach his kids Chinese.As a shrewd businessman who earns his living by drawing on visions,he sure knows what he is doing.So you'd better take the cue, American Folks!

    On a fun note,this reminds me of a college joke.Sick of studying english,some of my college mates made fun of the english study and envision fondly the day when Americans would be forced to learn Chinese and pass the Chinese 'TOFEL'.Chinese Tofel would include questions that would most assuredly stump foreigners,like chinese colloquial expressions and regional dialect terms etc.

    That would be a bit too much,but the Chinese Tofel thing is pretty much a reality.

    So it's very much true that China,finally,has become a force to be reckoned with,if this is any indication?




  • The HSK is the Chinese TOFEL! I heard one year the cloze test included the question "That singer is very ____ this year," with the choices being black, white, red and blue. That's a real culture/colloquialism question!
  • I studied Chinese for one semester at Indiana University! But I barely learned anything, and have since forgotten what little I did learn. I found Swedish and Latin much easier. Why can't the Romans take over the world?