• 2006-11-28

    devious publicity stunt


    Well,well,Businessmen are businessmen.Cunning alright.

    This man I know,who is the boss of a generator manufacturing factory,came to visit me today with a 'Brilliant" idea to boost the brand of his products and I think it stinks.

    To characterize his would-be publicity campaign,it's morally crooked,technically ineffective and commercially unsophisticated.

    Details: He would ask his employees to bulk-send a Wanted ad (which offers 1 million US dollars to the right candidate) to all the email addresses he could find.He doesn't need such a big shot,nor could he afford one,but he just thought the Offer of big money could always grab people's attention which serves his real purpose just fine:that is to get more people to know about his brand.His thinking goes,if people are impressed with the fat offer,they would definitely try to find out more about the offerer.Serious applicants will do their homework and do diligent pre-interview research about the company and thus get to know the brand well;as for other outside guys,their curiosity would drive them to know more.

    Now you know his help wanted ad is just a tool,a deceptive instrument which he uses to serve his ulterior motive.Stinky ,isn't it?

    And high morality aside,I seriously doubt it will ever work.I don't claim to know much about people's mind,but I do know one thing:if this is a workable publicity plan which seems to have the best of both worlds,effective and cost-effective,why do Big corps like Microsoft or Walmart still spend millions of dollars conventionally advertising?They could easily take this route.But staffed with hordes of marketing and branding experts,they don't.There must be something seriously wrong or downright foolish about this approach.

     Why won't these businessmen buckle down and seriously think about how to sharp their own competitiveness and really shine in the marketplace?Why search out those devious little tricks out there and stake the future on them?

    Genuine Advice:Build your brand on solid ground of true competitiveness,avoid the shortcut of achieving quick fame while building your future on quick sand.




  • viral marketing..Umm....sounds like it.
  • now there's a marketing approach widely adopted and experimented by ads agencies and start-ups in the US,called viral marketing.

    it works sth like this:Generate buzz for a brand by,like offering free books,free service,or a joke which is appended with a FORWARD TO A FRIEND button,and if the Freebie you offer is interesting or entertaining enough,people indeed would pass the word on,unwittingly communicating your brand message and thereby boosting your brand awareness among a certain group of people.Multiply the group with however many people you could bulk-send the pitch emails to and you will get the approximate number of people who would potentially get exposed to your brand.

    Viral marketing,sounds like an apt name.And the guy you mentioned seems to be ready to try out this very approach.Whether it's going to work is very much an open question,I think.Keep eyes peeled...