• 2006-12-01

    legendary self-made billionairess


    Yeah,perfectly self-made and horribly young too.Only 26 years old.

    And please note that I mean Self-made.If she is Paris Hilton,the heiress-in-line for Hilton Empire,then that's nothing eyebrow-raising.The factors in this case that sorta differentiate our protaganist here from her born-with-silverspoon-in-mouth counterparts(usually residing in western world) include: she is young;she is Chinese ;she actually builds her fortune from scratch and she made her fortune real quick.

      Here is the story,or rather,legend:Named Wu Ying and aged 26,she is originally from Dongyang county,a small town near Yiwu city,that world famous Chinese small commodity city in Zhejiang province.She once managed a few chains of pubs,foot massage salons and beauty parlors in Dongyang and that,everybody knows,would not suffice to be called a captial foundation for a "Billionairess".Legend broke after she made a sequence of surprising moves which "squandered" well over 100 million RMB in a few months.She set up a string of new companies and invested in a varied range of fields that span numerous industries.In her company,the rumor goes,even the security guard gets paid over 2000 RMB per month.Division managers ,based on merits and performance,pocket 500,000 to 1 million RMB.On the personal side,she bought a fleet of luxury cars ranging from Passat to Porche as well as two villas in the neigbouring tourist city(also capital city of Zhejiang province) Hangzhou.

      So it seems very much clear that this girl strikes it rich overnight.Perhaps even self-important tycoon like Donald Trump would be drooling over the secret key to the gold mine(his get-rich-quick bible rendered hopelessly pale).How,people keep asking,did she put it off?

     Where legendary events occur,there's always no shortage of speculations.Here,undoubtedly,rumours abound.Some say she actually got to marry some real rich guy and his real big fortune explains her suddenly extravagent lifestyle.Others claims she is actually a representative for some real big corporate empire which is behind all this.Still others go so far as to suggest that she is laundering money for some overseas gang.Thus far,the most credible is one that traces her turning billionaress all of sudden to her occassional futures-trading.

      Some businessmen,the explanation goes,lent her 60 million RMB to trade Copper futures.and over the past year,the price of copper in the world futures market has more than quadrupled,from 20,000 to approximately 85,000 RMB per ton.That's a monstrous margin.Her originally seed investment of 60 million,through various price leverages,has turned to over 1 billion RMB.This explain her sudden leap to the ranks of billionairess and disproportionally high life without resorting to somewhat ridiculous conspiracy theories.Sudden rich,yeah,but absolutely commercial and definitely legit.

      I consulted one of my friend,David Feng,who is a professional futures trader here in Shenzhen for confirmation.He said he never heard of her and her legends,but there's indeed a very real possibility that she could make that much money on the futures market.Profit on futures market not only come from Price difference between buy and sell price,as every layman assume,but also derives from "double profits" which is pretty complex to explain.Which is to say,the real gain from futures are far more than we assume.so Wu Ying's big fortune is perfectly explicable.

    Either way,I'm still very much impressed with her commercial savvy and great people skills.Just think,if she is not commercially astute,where did she get the balls to invest all her seed money into a place as risky as futures market ;and if she doesn't network well,where did she find the boss who can lend her the 60 million seed money to invest in the first place?

    And she is still so young.Already a billionairess.Fluke,yes;But great luck always befalls the one that is ready to jump,like they say.



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