• 2006-12-06

    I'm for the whole bird


    Aka,Most Classic Line Of The Week.

    Although it's just the middle of this week,I can,however,safely claim so.

    It's from that Mighty Warren,or Pastor Rick,as he likes to be called.For those of you who never know him,he is the pastor of Saddleback Valley Community Church,lake forest,California.And his recent book "the purpose-driven life" ,a New York Times bestseller,has sold in the tens of millions.His whole new way of organizing his congregation members and overhauling the traditional churchgoing structures has been a huge success and has since caught on across the nation.In a word,Rick is an evangelical superstar.

     As we know,When it comes to votes,Evangelicals are all too often viewed as steadfast republican allies.Their moral values are perfectly aligned with those touted by Republican party.Bush Junior is said to have leveraged this moral alignment and gain the maximum possible support from Christians,especially evangelicals,who outnumber John Kerry's supporters 4:1.

     But Rick,as the Evangelical superstar,has decided to rebel.Sick of seeing as a cog,however glaring and magnificient,on the larger republican political machine,he chose to go with his inner voice of morality,instead of republican prepackaged and heightened moral messages.And if his inner voice of morality happens to conflict with republican moral guidelines,so be it.

    Here comes the highlight of his stance,aka,,"classic line of the week"(in bold letters):

    "I'm a pastor, not a politician," Warren told ABC News. "People always say, 'Rick, are you right wing or left wing?' I say   'I'm for the whole bird.' "