• 2006-12-07

    Slimy Hillary?


    Some argue Hillary Rodham Clinton,through a few years in the senate and a few trials and errors,has shed her political idealism that initially characterized her political approaches,matured and turned into a shrewd,seasoned and even a bit "slimy" politician.

    She trades her frank,bottom-of-the-heart political ideals ,goes the accusation,for long-term political ambitions.She makes compromises on her true convictions.She chooses the politically expedient approach over what she truly believes would really work. "The story of Clinton's Senate career,mirrors that of her political life generally: a pattern of ambition, failure, study, and advancement."

     In commenting on Senator Clinton's political moves,Atlantic writer Joshua Green came up with another classic line about Politics:...Her real accomplishment in the Senate has been to rehabilitate the image and political career of Hillary Rodham Clinton...Senator Clinton has plenty to talk about, but she doesn’t have much to say.