• 2006-12-16

    international dating


    I went to visit an int'l dating club here in shenzhen today.(for an interview,not seeking dating help,sorry).Web-based primarily,it offers a whole package of value-added dating services for singles(as well as the divorced  and widowed) from around the world.It's sorta like a bridge between people from different cultures and lands who are craving for love,the more exotic the better.You might expect to get one-stop shopping experience here,from the creating of a killer profile that would definitely reflect you in the best possible light,to final-stage visa application and procurement, and pretty much everything in between.

      As you probably know,internet dating  is exploding in popularity.Single people around the world are getting increasingly serious about the possibility of finding a true love overseas,in an exotic land,with a mysterious partner.There's truly a niche market here that a shrewd businessman shall not fail to tap into.And This niche market would be all the more promising if you focus on China,the most populous country in the world,which presumably would boast the largest population that are on the constant lookout for exotic love.That's exactly where int'l dating club like the one I visited today comes in.Based in China,they send radar waves all over the world(mainly english-speaking countries at this stage),looking to match people scattered across the globe who share that special something.And looking to charge fees where appropriate and applicable of course.

    I also got to talk with this gentleman with the dating club I visited.He's been very nice.It's not too often you could learn something every time you talk to someone.But today is my lucky day.This gentleman,Philip,who returned to China after living in the States for over two decades,was like a sage and a mentor rolled into one.He talked about the Chinese traditional values that discriminate against the freedom to love and to be loved,the superstitions that have all too long restricted women with unsavory prior love experience from ever emerging from broken relationships stronger.He pointed out the business viability of the dating club on account of the various factors and conditions mentioned above.and I couldn't agree with him more.He also did me a favor by reminding me that I might need to watch out every step of the way on my career path,to make sure I shall never go astray and always focus on life-long career goals.I thank him for it.This said,I would still very much savor the prospect of working for and with him.I hope this day would come sooner rather than later.So philip,if you are ever reading this post,please understand I'm still interested in us working together.

      and it would be thrilling to be a modern matchmaker!