• 2006-12-24

    Sister pregnant!


    Just to show my posts have a mundane side,if for nothing else,I'm posting about something even my Mom would be interested in: My sister,Lisa Cao,is officially pregnant.

      Lisa,my sister,who is a senior account executive with Alibaba.com(the biggest E-commerce company in China),has been trying to get pregnant for years.But what with one thing or another(mainly related to career considerations) she just didn't think she could commit so soon.Now the time has come.And she indicated this by taking pre-emptive actions and making the fact unchangeable- the positive on Home Pregnancy Test(later confirmed by doctors of course).

    Mom was wildly elated.She also has been waiting for this moment for a long while.

    I,the soon-to-be uncle,has been busy loading myself with pregnancy knowledge,well,just in case...

      The most prominent on my recent on-the-go book list,you guess it: What to expect when you are expecting. A huge bestseller focused on pregnancy.

    Oh,man,I'm excited...




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  • hey..ugh i know it might sound weird, i was in an awful mood tonight and then i was just unconsciously keying in my name and started to google it - which led me to your blog

    felt like wishing your sister and the baby all the best, and you too, and your mom..all the good people in this world

    Oh,thanks,Lisa.and I wish you well too, and I hope you could soon get over your foul mood.and plz always look on the bright side.Cheers and cheer up!
    2008-03-30 22:59:32