• 2006-12-27

    Shenzhen Earthquake!!!


    At around 8:40 last night,we felt the sofa we sat on were shaking a bit.My sis asked me to stop it,which bewildered me.Apparently,she thought it was me who was shaking it.I didn't.

    The culprit,it turns out,is the Earth.

    Yeah,you may have known about the earthquake from the news. A medium one,6.7-magnitude.Epicenter is located to the southwestern tip of Taiwan island.

    What we felt here in shenzhen is just its aftershock wave,rippling all the way across the China southeastern landmass,which covers a wide expanse of areas- quite a few provinces actually.Guangdong,where shenzhen is located,lies squarely within the impact zone.Hence the scares,jitters and panics in Shenzhen.(people rush to the streets from their homes for fear of a major hit).

    According to modern Tectonics and Alfred Wegener's continental drift theory,some plates must have collided into one another.

    Taiwan is believed to bear the major brunt of this deep impact,with many houses collapsed and quite some people killed.The areas in mainland China which suffered aftershock waves are yet to report damage and casualties.

    On a side note,a mom is said to have sacrificed her life to save her twin sons.A truly marvelous and exemplary thing.There might be a hugh tear jerker behind this that would interest the likes of Readers' Digest,perhaps?

    And eerily enough,exactly two years ago(today two years before),Southeast Asia Tsunami occurred.Coincidence?Or anything more than that?




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