• 2007-01-06

    Shenzhen Hospital Overcharging&morality decline...


    Shenzhen is renowned for its dazzling prosperity and the seemingly easy way of achieving it.And shenzhen's hospitals,public and private,reflect this all too well.

    They grossly,outrageously overcharge their patients.Sometimes so much as to sound ludicrous.Like some downtown hospital charged one patient daily service fee the equivalent of 25 hours' rate.As if there's one more hour that specific day.Shenzhen doctors certainly are well-rounded.They set out to challenge the accepted wisdom of astronomical timing measurement.

    It's a good thing shenzhen is also an incubator town for democratic thinking.Which is presumed to be just related to the prosperity it accumulated and the talent pool its big fortune never fails to draw.(Please read my previous post entitled "times on shenzhen" for details).

    So people complained violently and fought back.The Central gorvernment paid attention.Some unfortunate hospitals got singled out and made an example of.

    Things went back to normal? If only!

    Life experience:My sister is pregnant and she went to see an Ostetrician at a local hospital.The way they charged still give us a start.This all after the overcharging scandal got exposed and tackled by central government,or so it seems...

    People tend to call lawyers greedy.Doctors,it seems,are no better.Here in Shenzhen some doctors even go so far as to exaggerate the gravity of your medical problems and intimidate you into opting for inpatient treatment,which invariably costs way more.And if you smartly demur and ask for prescription drugs instead,he will manage to prescribe the most expensive medicines(not necessarily the most efficacious) so as to maximize the hospital's profit margin.They cast their code of ethics faster than their contaminated gloves after operation.Faced with medical conscience and material temptation,they all too often go after the latter,alarmingly without guilt and remorse whatsoever.

    And that's the problem.In ancient Chinese wisdom we have an old saying: One begins to know manners and morality as soon as he gets his barn full.

    Shenzhen's got an overflowing barn,but the manners and morality?Only in rapid decline.Isolated case?Or a trend yet to be witnessed the country over,with Shenzhen being the precursor,as it always is?





  • I'm feeling a bit discouraged with the state of the world, and with people. I really liked Shenzhen while I was there, and I'm sorry to hear about this dishonesty. At the same time, I've been really put off returning to the US lately. Did you see B's blog (b.rox.com). Recently two of his friends were shot in front of their small child. The mom died, the father lived. A total of six people were shot to death that day in New Orleans alone (plus there was an unidentified woman found dead, rolled up in an old rug)! This makes the third set of people I know who have had a friend or relative shot to death. My friend's four-year-old cousin was shot when a drug deal went bad in her neighborhood, my friend Steve invited a friend along on the trip, only to find out the man got shot in the face by a stranger while Steve was at a business meeting, and finally this woman. Why should I go back to the US, get killed, or hide in my home, worrying about violence? Is there no good place in the world?