• 2007-02-17

    my fortune for the coming new year


    According to South China Morning Post's Special New Year Insert(http://totallyhk.scmp.com/thkarts/cny2007/index.html#),  my fortune for the coming new year(Chinese lunar new year) would be as follows:(by the way,after a quick review,I found it uncannily accurate in some ways;I just know it)

      "Fortunes are much improved after a problematic past year that ruffled the cock-sure feathers of extrovert Roosters. With your people skills coming to the fore, you can make much headway. In a time to be forthright, you can truly “rule the roost”. As work prospects improve, so do your finances, but try not to spend your bonuses as soon as you receive them. Budgeting is not in your nature but caution over excessive spending is the watchword. Support from family and friends can prove especially helpful, so long as you accept well-meaning advice, which you too often mistake for criticism. Be more flexible and considerate and you will enjoy some memorable times. Romance and marriage may even be in the air in a year of generally favourable potential. To progress, ambitious Roosters should simply recognise their own weaknesses and learn a little humility."

      Humm,not bad huh?Why not pop your birth date in and have a run and see what your fortune would be like in the coming year of Pig?

    Hat tip: MF in Shanghai.    blog: mf.rox.com