• 2007-03-20

    China,the hotbed for biotech outsourcing


    China has become one of the latest outsourcing hotbeds for biotech industry in the states,according to this dialogue conducted by a panel of industry insiders.

    Cost is a big issue that looms large in all of the business considerations about outsourcing to China.One discussion participant,an attorney within biotech industry,also pointed out that the cost shall never be the main driver.Overall benefits of would-be outsourcing shall always dominate the contemplation,Which should also include infrastructure,governmental support,talent pools(which is further divided into biotech engineers and management talents with industry background) etc.Oh,for your information,in some rare cases,you'd have to consider some of the issues unique to biotech that might get complicated in foreign cultures.Take animal tests.Biotech testing sometimes entails the performing of tests on animals.In india,another biotech outsourcing hotbed,it's mainly prohibited religiously,if not legally.And that's a huge impediment.China,on the other hand,is free of such taboo.and that translates directly into competitive power.

     They also mentioned a few hotbeds within hotbeds- the most sought-after cities within china that are most congenial to outsourced biotech operations;Four in total: Beijing,the capital;Shanghai;Tianjin and Shenzhen.

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