• 2007-03-22

    Paid to play Boss!


      Yesterday this guy sent me a text message out of the blue,inquiring about the going rate of the english-chat/tutoring services I offer.I think it's the ads I posted on some local community sites that directed him.

      Anyway this guy was very eager to enhance his oral english capability,which is not uncommon,since there're more and more young people who learn the importance of speaking fluent english in their career.But this guy is a bit different.He wants an intensive course and he wants quick result.I called back and found out that he has applied to Boston University(graduate school programs) and if all goes well,would soon get accepted.Except one thing,and that's exactly what he contacted me for.The admission office of the school he applied to discovered that the TOEFL score he furnished when applying had expired(the validity period for such score being normally two years).As a flexible solution,the office proposed giving him a phone interview which presumably serves dual purposes: first,to see if he is linguistically capable of studying in an American higher education institution(and a prestigious one at that,we shall say);Secondly,to get to know him better to see if he is fit for the slot in terms of aptitude.It is commonly,if tacitly acknowledged that if he presented himself well in the interview,he'd be exempted from resitting another round of TOEFL,since tests are just also measures of such merits.

       The problem is,he doesn't think he is ready for such an important interview.It seems everything now hinges on it.What he worries most about is his oral english.He doubts he'd understand what the interviewer would say.So he thinks about enlisting my help on a short-term basis to intensively train him,to bombard him with the questions,generic and specific, a graduate school admission interviewer would normally ask a prospective student,so he could get a sense of the situation that would soon come upon him.So literally,he is talking about paying me to play boss.And I'm more curious than delighted to do that!

       Poor guy,I understand perfectly how that feels.Not knowing what would happen,yet having to try your very best.Including believing in miracles.I don't mean it can't be done though.Everything is manageable on my part and I'm confident I could help get the best out of him through my training.We'll have to see about that.




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