• 2007-06-13

    Prison Break 我看“越狱”



     I know it's a bit too late to write about The show Prison Break.But I do want to put in my two cents;Besides, I have some alternative views as to why it becomes so popular,the world over.

      I watched the show's season I and II at one sitting,till my eyes ached for lack of rest.And I think this speaks volumes about the watchability of this show;Understand that I rarely have the attention span for a regular feature movie,let alone a Serialized show.

      I think the most intriguing part has something to do with the ingenuity of the plans(as well as the assiduous and treacherous execution thereof) of the break.That is to say,quite bluntly,Season I is more fun than season II.Think of the pressure those inmates were under when they had to juggle regular prison duties and clandestine routing operations;to balance the eagerness to break out and the calmness needed to get the preliminary job done and reassure the guards(not to mention that cunning Bellick guy);to vacillate between saving his own ass and the whole team,which,as if to add even more suspence,seems to be ever-changing with each passing minute.

       Scofield,the main character,is doubtless the main driver of the plot.His thoughts,his plans,his behaviours influence the story the most and seem to be the spicey part.His bro,Linc,on the other hand,are more like a huge magnet,a signpost,to whom all meaningful plans(A,B or C) must submit.It is for him that Scofield robbed the bank to get into fox river in the first place.So his situations,more or less,make or break the break.For evidence,see the part where Linc is thrown into solitary right before they are just about to break out.Suspence has been stretched to a limit at that time,or so it seems.The audience all seem to be holding their breath and waiting for the blossoming of such a brilliant breakout plan so brlliantly executed.And Bang comes the snap!Everything seems to go to waste.A whole new stream of suspence starts to gather all over again,waiting for yet another anticlimactic incident(you never know).This inevitably adds to the layers of suspence this show is already fraught with.

      Scofield's remarkable wit and exceptional ability to stay calm in hang-by-a-hair situations also pique audiences' curiosity and interest.People often want to reassure themselves rational mind,daring courage and well-employed knowledge/expertise  will save their ass,even in grave circumstances.That's why movies like"air force one" are popular.In this case,they all wish to see Scofield make it using his talents and pluck.And if finally he did break out with his bro,it is the success of such merits.People value those attibutes,they also like to see it reinforced that they do pay off.

      The weakest link in this plausible show is the warden.What is a warden who could be so stupid as to give an inmate(without background check to see if he has ulterior motives or has unannounced relationship with Lincoln on the death row) ample latitude to conduct his plan,all for a silly reason that he needed help from him as a structural engineer, to build a  Taj Mahal replica for his wife.How lamely convenient.It's not a fault that could spoil the whole show though.

      The second season of prison break mainly focus on the escaping  and the massive hunt.A new character emerges,A neurotically sensitive FBI agent Alexander Mahone.He bring a lot of clues into the hunt,elevating the show a few notches in terms of watchability.Nothing gratifys and stimulates more than to find out that the hunter is always just one step behind the hunted.Your adrenaline runs high when the former in some rare cases catches up with the latter.

      And oh yeah,that  elephant in the room,the five million dollars those escapees are all after during the first few days of their escape.The trouble is,after all this fuss and mess,the money doesn't seem to be that important after all.We audiences sorta let it go that a scumbag(T-bag actually) takes the whole pie.This seems to be sending out the message that the money is not the main point.The bulk of the iceberg is still under water.

      And when Scofield and Lincoln run from the barrels of Paul Kellerman,they are just about to embark upon plumbing the part of iceberg submerged.A ton of suspence and buzz are thus generated for season 3,as is characteristic of this ever-keep-you-on-tiptoe show.

      Just my two cents.And as ever,you are free to toss yours.