• 2007-08-20

    Why is ON THE ROAD so persistently popular?


    According to Matt Weiland,the deputy editor of The Paris Review,the reason is as follows(Very Nicely captured and put I'd have to admit):

       "Above all, “On the Road” matters for its music: its plaintive, restless hum. In it, Kerouac perfected a melancholy optimism and a yearning for solace a thousand times richer and subtler than the mournful sap that drips down from so many contemporary American films and novels. It’s the lovely ache in the writing of Sherwood Anderson and Arthur Miller, in the cracked voices of Jeff Tweedy and Paul Westerberg. This is the great, lasting appeal of “On the Road,” the reason it will continue to matter to readers for another half-century and more".

    At least this reason works fine with me.




  • There was a story in a recent Newsweek about the publication of the original, unexpurgated version on On the Road, and how it differed from the one everybody knows. I bet it's up on the web somewhere if you want to check it out.