• 2007-09-01

    Chinese seal for everyone!



    only on computers.

    The other day I was looking for some cool stuff to Upgrade my blog.After browsing a couple of peer bloggers' sites,I start to realize mine is just so Un-cool and dull.No fancy decorative items,no background music,no catchy tagline,no pictures(for both privacy and aesthetic considerations),nothing but words, and pretty boring ones at that.

     So I decided to try something really fancy and well, chinese.

    I stumbled upon this site that personalize the chinese seal/chop VISUALLY for everyone online.Just enter your chinese name(names written in other languages won't work,at least at this phase) and there you go,you get your name engraved on a visual chinese seal,in chinese traditional seal engraving style,all red in background,like you have just pressed one on a piece of paper.

    It's pretty cool.Especially for those of you who haven't got your personal seal engraved yet.

    I don't have one in real life,and I think I'd be OK with this visual one.

    Hey guys out there,whether you be a foreigner or chinese,you could just check out this cool tool . You may access the tool  HERE.

    OH,I almost forgot.if you are non-chinese and don't have a chinese name yet,but nonetheless eager to get one chinese traditional seal online,you may just email me,I will see what I can do to pick one nice chinese name for you.It's free,so feel free.

    For finished good review,you may just see my seal at the right column of my blog homepage, a bit at the bottom.It's all red,you won't miss it.

    Have a little chinese fun!



  • Hi Dane, the background of your blog looks cool. I like the Chinese seal tool you shared with everyone. I also find the tool available on this English website: http://www.purpleculture.net/chineseseal.html.