• 2007-09-04

    A fun letter tanslated from a Chinese joke


    Dear Jacob:
            I wrote this letter extremely slowly because I know you are a slow reader.
            I want you to know that we have moved,but the address remains unchanged,for I took the house number plaque along with me.
            It has rained for two times this week,the first one lasting for 3 days,while the second one 4 days.
            We went to buy some pizza yesterday and the clerk asked me how I would like it cut,8 pieces or 12.My answer?Of course 8!12 would be too many for me to eat!Always been a light eater ya know that!
            I mailed you your coat.At the post office,I clipped off the buttons and put them in the pockets,for fear it would be too heavy to warrant overweight fees.
            Mary has delivered a baby.Unfortunately I don't yet know if it's a girl or a boy,so it's yet to be found out if you'd become an Uncle or an Aunt.
            I thought to enclose some money but too bad I have sealed the envelope.
                        Happy holidays,dear!
                                                                             sincerely yours,


  • haha,a good one.and the name of the writter is also well thought-up.Darmie=Dummy?